July Fundraiser

Our aim at OTGI is to support Caminantes in order to make their journey to their final destination easier. We do this by offering food and shelter for a night at shelters at different points in their journey. However, walking for around 10 hours each day is exhausting and any way that we can make this easier on them, we want to try and facilitate.

A lot of caminantes that pass through have already been walking for days, and have a much longer journey ahead. Their shoes are regularly worn down, and they might not have the correct clothing for the next part of their journey. After Pamplona, caminantes walk through La Laguna and Berlin, both which are high up in the mountains and reach incredibly cold temperatures. Caminantes starting their walk in warmer climates will not have prepared for such temperatures.

Two of our current volunteers, Tabatha and Jenny from Texas, have created a fundraiser to raise money to buy clothes and shoes for caminantes. This can often be life-saving if they don’t have sufficient warm clothing for the freezing temperatures.

If you are able to donate to this incredibly worthy cause we would be very grateful.

Donate here: