Story of Douglas’s Shelter

Talking with Douglas, the conversation can easily go on for hours. The first time we met, he told me about the large library he holds inside boxes from antique books that he collected over the years. It was even more fascinating to listen about his journey as a shy boy to a dedicated and confident social worker, from military service …

Fleeing from Venezuela to opening their restaurant in Pamplona: the inspiring story of Maria and Reiner

Brodie Hopkins, a photographer and reporter from Australia, spent a week with us last October and made a documentary about our organization and projects. In this article, he chose to tell the story of Maria and Reiner, Venezuelan restaurant owners in Pamplona with whom OTGI has been working for a long time. Since last April, we also started a language …

July Fundraiser

Two of our volunteers, Tabatha and Jenny, have created a fundraiser to raise money to buy clothes and shoes for caminantes (refugees). This can often be life-saving if they don’t have sufficient warm clothing for the freezing temperatures.


On the Ground International is on the front lines of the Venezuelan refugee crisis in Colombia. We work with international volunteers and local partners to provide aid and relief to the Venezuelan refugees walking across the country.